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The Vineyard

Our Story

A long time dream of Dean and Christi Heck, Lavender Oak Vineyard was established in 2010 as a family run operation.  This means all wines are made in small batches, on our estate, with special attention to organic methods; no pesticides, herbicides or harmful chemicals.  From harvest to bottling & labeling, each bottle is delicately and meticulously composed; a labor of LOV.

Lavender Oak Vineyard sits on a bucolic property filled with fragrant lavender and magnificent ancient oaks. The grounds stretch for acres along the winding Santa Rosa Road in the west end of Santa Ynez Valley. Taste our wines in the vineyard or in the many lovely outdoor spaces surrounding our winery. Explore all the Lavender Oak Vineyard has to offer.

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Our Wines

A close study of the soil and climate at Lavender Oak helped determine the ideal grape varietals for our land. A right-bank Bordeaux style red would become our signature wine. Further immersing ourselves in Pomerol and Saint Emilion regions convinced us that this French style would most suitable for our property. Our Estate Red Blend, as well as all of our wines, are sourced 100% from our estate vineyard, produced, aged and bottled on site at our winery.

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Our Farming Philosophy, Sustainability, & Solar Power

From the beginning, our goal has been to operate an organic, sustainable, dry-farmed vineyard. This means no scheduled or human-powered irrigation, incorporation of beneficial insects for pest control, and of course, no pesticides or weed killers. Additionally, we cultivated a natural cover crop and we practice no-till farming. Our winery is 100% solar powered.

Our sustainable practices reduce our water consumption providing Earth-friendly approaches, while improving the quality of our wines.  With less water, the vines struggle and compete for water found deep beneath the earth’s surface – with more struggle comes more intensity of flavor come harvest time.

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